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Book Release Party for Elizabeth Kolodziej - Erotic Paranormal Romance

Elizabeth Kolodziej
Erotic Paranormal Romance

     Welcome to the release party for Elizabeth's new book, Witch Devotions, which releases on Wednesday! The book takes place in Vegas so what better place to through a party! We've taken over one of the bars inside the MGM so thank them on your way out! The band is playing, the drinks are flowing and the friends have gathered! Thank you for coming!
       Elizabeth is having a giveaway at the bottom and the drawing will be Saturday, the 29th! She's giving away one of the new e-books! You can earn additional entries so be sure to take a few minutes and get your entries in. Psst - you can come back throughout the week to tweet and earn more entries!
        Let's give the floor over to Elizabeth for a few minutes and then we can get back to the dancing! Enjoy everyone! Welcome, Elizabeth!

      Tonya, thank you so much for hosting such a great party for me! I hope everyone grabs a copy of Witch Devotion on Wednesday when it's released! I'm excited to share this one with all of you!

     While I still have your attention, I wanted to talk with you a bit first about some of my writing.

Developing New Characters

     I love writing sex. A show of hands please, who likes a good sex scene in the book you’re reading? Oh wow. Maybe I should of asked who doesn’t!
     Writing sex in PNR compared to erotica is two different conquests (my word of the day hehe). With Erotica there are only the boundaries of the author (and/or publisher) set for how explicit and naughty I can be.
     For instance, I won’t write rape scenes. Just can’t do it. I think sex is beautiful and something that should be consensual. However, tying up a character and blind folding them? I’m on it! Literally sometimes.
     But what I love just as much?
     I love developing a new character that is different from any other I have before and just so perfect for the scene that they are going to need another appearance in another book. Which is what I am doing with Sully (Sultras) from Demon Protection Plan (a novella in the anthology: The Sexiest Time of the Year: Erotic Encounters at the Yule Season). The story is from his POV and he is the main character in the new story From Demons, With Lust being published by Sizzler Editions.
     On a side note, how awesome of a title is that? I fell in love when I came up with it. And it goes with the story so well because it is all about lust. We are talking about demons here and everything.
     With all this said, I would love to show you an excerpt from my new novella and introduce a new character, Serena, who will be in the fourth book in The Last Witch Series, Demonic Charms (coming out 2013). This chick is going to give Faith a run for her money when it comes to Trent! I’ll tell you that much!

Excerpt: From Demons, With Lust (no release date yet)     
     “Don’t flatter yourself, like I said at the beginning, I was bored.” With a hand on the railing and the other on her drink, I felt her stare out of the corner of her eye. “So what is it?”
     Chest heaving with the breath I took in I put my arms over the edge as I cupped my drink and leaned forward. “Do you know anything about bonds?”
     “Human or demon bonds?”
     That was an intriguing thought. Kasidy was classified as both so it might not be down to a science when it came to her. “Let’s start with demons.”
     With a lingering suspicion she puckered her lips before making a smacking sound with her tongue. “Because demons are normally born as demons, and not at some point a human, they are incapable of bonding for life the same way vampires and humans do. As demons we are not born with the ability or knowledge of love, the closest emotion being that of lust. However, we do have an innate talent for protecting that which we believe to be our property. Do you see where the difference lies?”
     “People who fall in love to create that strong bond don’t see the one they love as property?”
     “Bingo, baby.” She pointed her finger at me like a gun and winked at me.
     I swirled the liquid around my ice filled glass. “What do you find more important to you, as a demon, power or a lust filled bond?”
     Her tiny giggle made me shiver from the thoughts of passionate nights we had spent in each other’s beds. The way she ran her tits up and down my shaft was more than most men of any species could handle. “That is a good question. For me, it is all about the lust. That is only because I don’t care about power. As long as I am not a slave to someone I can handle taking some orders.”
     “So you have proven more than once.” My beaming smile was met with the taste of sultry erotic pleasure seeping from her pores.
     “Would your mind be on me or this chicky you have this bonding hoopla for?” While cocking a hip and placing her hand on her waist Serena took a sip of her drink.
     I wasn’t positive why she would care and it bothered me that she asked. “How’s Trent doing?” I sucked on the side of my cheek before chugging the rest of my scotch. Trent being the vampire she had been infatuated with since the eighteen hundreds was a sore subject, but I couldn’t help throwing it in her face after the comment she made.
     Gawking at me, she traced her tongue across the front of her teeth, hip still cocked. “In New York from what I hear. I don’t care.” Waving a hand she set her sights back to the ocean view.
     I chuckled at her dismissive state that was an obvious ruse turned caper after the scheme wasn’t practical to use. “Why bother with power when lust is around the corner?” I took in the whole idea as we stood together in silence.
     “Then again, you have always hated the idea of being ordered around. I can see why the thought of authority entices you more. But maybe you should take one thought into consideration.”

Tonya:  I got a sneak peek at this book and loved the characters, the sexual tension, and dialogue! tssss! Elizabeth, congrats on the new release and I wish you success with your many series that you've got going on! When your next book comes out, I hope to have you back! sure to get in on the contest in RaffleCopter then click over to check out Elizabeth's links! Thank you all for stopping in and please share this post thru the links below!


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