Saturday, January 12, 2013

Explore your fantasies and learn more about yourself! that why we read those forbidden words that the vanilla world looks upon as wrong? E-readers now allow us to read whatever we want and not have to worry what those around us would frown upon. You can explore stories that pique your secret fantasies and in doing so, you will learn more about yourself. It's okay to explore what you think about doing behind the closed door of your bedroom...or dungeon! *wicked laugh*

Toying with the idea of experimenting with blindfolds and restraints? I invite you to sample my bondage series, The Boss's Pet...ask yourself if you could try some of the things that happen with a Dom/sub relationship. All relationships are different and there's no written rule of how YOUR relationship has to be...those rules are agreed upon between you and your partner only...but make sure you both understand the rules you set and that 'trust' is the main factor.

Visit my website for more links to check out what others do who are in the 'lifestyle'. Enjoying a Dom/sub lifestyle doesn't have to be 24/7 - you set the rules. Should you choose to be the submissive...or find that you fit that role, the Dom can only role play with what you say you will allow...soooo...who is really in charge? As the submissive, you agree to follow your Dom's directions and commands but again...according to the 'Contract' the two of you set.

Don't be afraid to explore those secret fantasies that you keep hidden in the back of your mind. Talk with others on blogs and forums and read all you can before you enter into a relationship in the 'lifestyle'.

Safe - Sane - Consensal