Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dinner on ME for YOU??? Happy Valentine's Day!

 Happy Valentine's Day!

To ALL of my lil smut lovers!

Congratulations to:
Denise B

Dinner on ME - for YOU?

      How awesome is that? I love doing giveaways and this holiday is no exception! We know I can't actually take you to dinner myself so the next best thing is a gift card that will allow me the honor of buying your dinner. Now you probably already have a date who will buy your dinner...but...if not and you want in on a chance to win a dinner card, get your entries into the Rafflecopter!
      There isn't much time - I want to pick a winner on Wednesday night so I have time to send your gift card to you. The easiest and quickest way for that to happen is to be sure you include your email address and where you'd like your card to, such as Applebees, Red Lobster, O'Charlies or any place that has a site where I can buy YOUR dinner card! For international winners, if I can get online and get a card for you, you can also win so get the word out there!
      Please tweet, share the link on your FB page or Google+ page! Let others know that they can stop by and get in on the giveaway. Thank you for stopping in and good luck!! I hope all of you have a wonderful dinner, fantastic sexy day and even hotter night! Muah!
       Don't forget to grab my FREE book, or perhaps all of them, to keep the heat and sexual tension going! Hmmm....that just may put me in the dungeon right there with you! OMG! Okay, never mind....have a great week!
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