Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Master Buck is from Master's Email story

     I fashioned Master Buck after the hunky John Quinlan, the world's most tattooed romance cover model. Now other than looking alike, these two do not enjoy the same lifestyle by any means! John doesn't train submissives for other Doms. I'm sure many subs out there wish he did, but they'll have to be satisfied with reading my books and using their imaginations.

     I first introduced Master Buck in my short story, Master's Email, where he is called in to train a stubborn submissive for Colt, her master. Colt isn't sure if she misbehaves on purpose or not so that she can enjoy Master Buck. In book five, Under Her Command, I brought in these three characters to join the party in Palm Springs. You might like to read Master's Email to learn more about my other three characters.
     I hadn't planned to have all the characters intertwined in so many books but I hope you enjoy meeting them all. At some point, I do plan to do a sequel to Master's Email so keep an eye on my website and newsletter for  when that might happen.

     To celebrate the release of Under Her Command, I'm giving away THREE $25 gift cards so be sure to get into the contest. The drawing will be on February 9th. If there are over 500 entries, I just might give away FOUR gift cards! Thank you for stopping in! Please use the share buttons below to let your friends know. Muah!

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