Monday, January 5, 2015

An Interview with Erotic Author Kay Brandt

Kay Brandt Gives a CHERRY Interview!  

Kay Brandt
Erotic Romance

Readers love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about yourself.

It’s very cool to be chatting with you. I’m an award winning adult filmmaker, or pornographer if we can be totally honest, of more than 40 films since 2009. Taking it back further, I’ve been a writer all my life, and followed my creative passions in different directions over the past 20+ years, starting as a script reader for indie film companies, to finding success as a Los Angeles playwright, and then award-winning X-rated film writer/director. Being a storyteller by nature and profession, I decided to expand upon the adult films I brought forth, and write erotic books based upon them. My first two were published in October and November of this year, and my next release is out December 19th.

Do you have a day job?

I have several. I’m a part time group fitness instructor and teach eight classes a week. I have a few other part time businesses, too—like being a minister with the Universal Life Church, which gives me the ability to perform weddings. I do try to dedicate at least two hours a day to writing manuscripts, as I have so many stories bottled up, and waiting to be told.

Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

I have to psych myself up for digging deep within in order to set the story free. That alone time can be an intense process of ‘talking myself down’ from the distractions of everyday life. Then I have to tune everything out, and focus, focus, focus. I mostly prefer writing in silence, as music can sway my mood from listening to the truth being said by the characters, or wrongfully change the direction of a story. This method of creation is quite isolating, but I have come to realize it is how I work best. Sometimes I stir up my own libido and look at explicit sex pictures, or trailers of adult films, usually my own.

Where do you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?

I keep them in a file cabinet in my brain. I check in on them to see if they’ve developed while I work on other projects, and often they do. When it comes time to write them, I’m already familiar with what I’m going to do with the formulating ideas, or even the fully realized ones. Most of my ideas are the whole story based on the adult films I wrote/directed. In the films, the sex had to come first—but with books, I can let the story lead with the sex as the core or backbone.

If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?

I am published via Excessica Publishing. My books are still new releases, so, they are slowly progressing.

Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?

I am an “anytime the inspiration hits” writer, but that’s not always realistic when you want to publish under certain time frames or deadlines. I’ve disciplined myself to write at all times of day or night. I prefer being alone, though there are times when the white noise of writing somewhere public can be quite refreshing.

What advice would you give to new authors?

Be prepared for a ton of hard work and constant self-promotion. Be kind to yourself on the off days when writing.

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