Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Interview with A. Aimee Author of Good Pussy Bad Pussy

Welcome A. Aimee 

Readers love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I'm a successful international author with books published in more than 25 languages. I've written almost 20 books. 

Do you have a day job? 


Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

 I never go seeking books. They find me. So I regard myself more as a "channel" for books, a channel through which information and/or stories come. My experience is that the characters in "Good Pussy Bad Pussy" books just came to me and told their stories through me. So I'm not in control of this. It's just something that happens. It has its own life, its own logic and its own magic. When the inspiration is there, it's kind of like water that comes out of a faucet. It flows and flows and flows and then suddenly it just stops. 

If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you? 

I'm not self-published. My books are published by John Hunt Publishing Ltd. in the UK. 

Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write? 

When the inspiration is there, I listen in and write it down. I can't predict when that will happen. I find the best attitude is to be open and trusting. 

What advice would you give to new authors? 

Be yourself, trust your inner voice, and don't go chasing success... just do it for the pure joy of it... 

What attracts you most about men? 

Now that would be giving too much away! 

We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline? 

My new book "Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity" book was just released. This is my second Good Pussy Bad Pussy book. The first book is entitled "Good Pussy Bad Pussy – Rachel's Tale". Even though the new book "Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity" is a stand-alone book, it offers a further development and deepening of the themes and characters of the first book "Good Pussy Bad Pussy – Rachel's Tale". 

So once again there is a lot of high drama and intrigue in this new book about love, lust, deceit and sex – the most powerful of all human drives. 

The book explores how we, in our fascination with sex, may encounter many conflicts and contradictions – hence the title "Good Pussy Bad Pussy". And this, not least, because of the way we've been programmed by our societies and religions. As a result, many of us may find ourselves in situations where our bodies experience pleasure even though our minds are telling us (often screaming) that this is "wrong" or inappropriate. Either the situation is "wrong" or the person is "wrong" or we were brought up to believe it was "wrong" because we're married to someone else or it's same sex or because we shouldn't have more than one partner or because... And this is what happens to Rachel, the heroine of the Good Pussy Bad Pussy books. 

In both books, Rachel finds herself in unusual situations where her body is experiencing pleasure while her mind is screaming something else. And then what happens? What does she do? How does she handle these situations? So this is one of the themes that the stories and drama in both books are about. I wanted to explore this dilemma which so many of us experience. Of feeling pleasure even in challenging situations or relationships. So there is a continuation of the "love or abuse?" "liberation or bondage?" themes from the first book. 

The great thing about the new book is it just seemed to write itself. And I love the fact that Rachel, Albert and Stefan – the main characters of the first Good Pussy Bad Pussy book – have taken on a life of their own. Because when the first book ended, they just continued to be alive within me and were all the time begging me to allow them to continue on their merry way. So I did. And the twists and turns that life delivers to them turned out to be just amazing. But I can't tell you more because I don't want to give away the story. All I can tell you is many readers tell me (about both books) that they have kept them up all night, wanting to see what was going to happen to Rachel! 

 Where can our readers find you and your books?