Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Author Interview - Lani Rhea - Paranormal Erotic Romance

Lani:  Thanks for allowing me to blog on this fine Wednesday, Tonya! It’s been fun! Today we will talk about story one in my Ark series. The Ark Hotel: Two by Two


Dooms day, the Mayans predict the end of the world, while the owners of The Ark Hotel predict sex lottery Jackpots.
     Abused, Angeline Perkins learns about the risqué hotel catering to sex and escapes the clutches of her abuser on search for revenge domination. She never expects to run into a caring man.
     Alone, David Hawthorne is content in his humble world, but when he meets Angie his world is rocked with passion. He wants her to understand she doesn’t need to dominate.
     Constantly looking over her shoulder waiting for the past to explode, the desire to dominate withers with each second spent with David. Will she change her mind and ask him to partner with her?
     After all, David holds the Skelton key to the family business.

Tonya:  Any inspiration, or did the story just appear out of nowhere?

Lani:  I tumbled over ideas for stories and then began thinking about the “End of The World.” So I would say the Mayans helped me.  

Tonya:  How long did it take for you to complete the rough draft?

Lani:  One month.

Tonya:  Did you research?

Lani:  I did a little. I had to find the perfect location for the first Ark Hotel. I found Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, translated it means Heart of an Awl or Heart of a Chisel. I wanted a place to chisel out hearts and make them thrive with love.

Tonya:  What's happening now in your world?

Lani:  Gosh, I’m writing stories left and right. So I was told to promote now and build a reader base.

Tonya:  What's the one writer’s tool you can't live without?

Lani:  My laptop. It’s my I.V. you know. lol Everywhere I go where I know there is an outlet I have my computer hooked up. If no outlet, then I take a notebook with me. I do find sometimes when I free hand I plot well.

Tonya:  What site/sites can we buy The Ark Hotel: Two by Two?

Lani:  Two by Two will be published in a Christmas anthology with Sizzler Intoxications. If Tonya wants, and after the story is published, I can blog again and raffle a giveaway.

Tonya:  What a great idea! I'd love to have you back so be sure to let me know when that happens. I'd be happy to add you to the schedule! Where can we find you?

Lani:  You can find my Author, Tiwtter, Facebook and Youtube pages on my blog at! Find me, I love making new friends!
     Stop back by on Friday for a free excerpt on The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract coming soon to you by Sizzler Intoxications. Remember, we’ll play a game on Friday…

This excerpt has not been professionally edited by my editor.

Standing by the wall, next to the elevator, her neck tilted as she surveyed the man before her. She watched David in motion. His flawless movements appeared skillful—she indulged in smooth skills, flawless skills, I'll-make-you-cum-all -night-long fantasy skills. Phew! She needed an industrial sized fan to keep cool.
His master key opened a box, scooping out a silver one he turned to her and said in a husky voice, “This is the room you'll stay in, room three-eleven.” He handed the key to her, running light fingertips over the openness of her palm. She shivered with the tingle.
A smile crossed her lips. “Thanks.” She twirled the cool metal between eager fingers. Wetting her bottom lip, growing curious once again, a warm, real warm dampness settled between her legs.
“What's the catch?”
“The catch, right, almost forgot. Are you sure you want to ruin the surprise. David winked at her.
“You tell me.” She waved a hand around to indicate the building. “Because you gave me a key, you hold the master. Are you planning to visit sometime?” Direct, yes, but she needed to know. Angie licked her bottom lip again.
David laughed, looking at the floor, and glancing back up through thick lashes, he said, “When you're on your feet, when move out, you will have opened the apartment to let someone else who needs a place to live move in. You will have then played-it-forward when you've done your part.”
He moved closer toward the elevator with soundless steps, towering over her. His musky, clove scent swarmed, enveloping them. Reaching around her perched, curvy hip, he pressed the up button. Withdrawing his hand slowly away from her body, David gazed into her eyes while lifting one brow. “I'm sure working at the restaurant will help you get where you need to go, eventually.” He leaned closer, hovered a few inches above her lips. His warm, sweet breath fluttered over her face.
“Eventually?” She watched his mouth closely, visualizing his kissing hers. The fine hairs at the nape of her neck prickled, tantalized her, sending goosed flesh over her body. Her knees weakened into gelatin.
“If you're anxious about moving on to bigger,” he raised the second brow, “and better things, you can always work for me. I dabble in stocks and can play around a little.” The elevator doors opened at that exact moment. David stood tall, moving over, he gestured toward the center.
“Work with you.” She peered up to meet his sultry eyes.
His lips slowly turned into a sexy grin. “Part-time at my hobby store, yes, unless you don't want to of course?” David softly brushed a loose strand of blond away from her cheek, gently tucking the lock behind her ear.
The tingles sailed over her body.
Hanging on to every syllable escaping his mouth, shivering with the thrill, Angie blinked a few times. She cleared the lust from her throat. “No, it's something worth thinking about. And it depends, if I could have a raise maybe? I can't believe I'm in this situation. It's like a dream or something.” She blinked a couple more times.
“I promise you're in no dream. This... is for real.” David stepped an inch closer, the heat from his body closing the gap, enveloping a warm blanket around her.
He blocked the elevator entry, only allowing a small space between him and the frame. The sexual tension heated, boiled hotter. The molten lava raced through, expelling sweet desired pheromones in the space between them. Her breasts swept across his hard chest as she brushed past him. Excitement sparked through her body. Her nipples erected, hardening when the thrill zipped straight through to settle between her legs. Her breathing turned to a silent hyperventilation.
Angie stopped, turning her face up to meet his, she found herself drowning, melting in his eyes. His stare intense, a spark illuminated, the sense seemed to embrace him too. The need to invite him to the room sat on the tip of her tongue. Angie wanted to wrap lustful arms around his neck, drag him down for a kiss.
Breathe, she cautioned herself.
She didn't want to let the moment pass. Intensely wet, visions of her in his strong arms thrusting them backward in the wall of the elevator wouldn't stop. Angie cleared her throat.
The more she tried to calm the jittery nerves, the more her breasts heaved, pressing nipples harder into his muscled chest. Her hands shook. Her body ached for his embrace. Angie found herself lost in his scent, pure male coated with salty musk.
This was crazy. She just met the man. Oh, but how the wall of mistrust began to crumble. There was something about David that connected deep within her soul.
Angie broke the trance from his warm, bedroom eyes, moving forward to stand in the center of the elevator. She continued to stare lustfully at him, while pressing the third button, waiting for an advance.
His eyes never slipped away as he leaned on the frame.
David stayed the distance.
The elevator door opened and went back in hiding. Angie read the expression of longing, needing on his face. The hard erection pressed against his pants looked to strain, needing to be released. The desire in his eyes suggested the first tug of sheets would be strong and fast.
She grew irritated with herself, couldn't let this hunky man ruin the dream of dominating a stranger go to waste. Angie wanted to save the plan for the following month, not now.
Time to end the charade.
“Goodnight, David.”
His nostrils flared. His grin turned sensual and exotic.
Angie bit her bottom lip, tightening her legs together to ease the sensation building south toward explosion. She needed to unpack to find her dildo, and fast!
“You have a nice night, Angie. Have sweet dreams.”
“You too...” She’d see him in her dreams alright.
Leaning off the door, David gave a small salute leaving her hot and horny. 


Lani:  There you have it! I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again, Tonya! I’ll be around all day today and tomorrow.

Tonya:  Wow!  Tssss!  That is hot! *fanning myself here!* Even I am blushing! Lani, thank you so much for that excerpt! I hope the servers don't burn today, but I'm sure you will give them a good scorching! Readers, hope over to her blog and show her some love and don't forget to come back here on Friday to see what Lani has in store for you!