Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you, Tonya, for allowing me to blog all week! This has been fun! Good Friday to all!
You’ve learned quite a bit about me this week. Today is Friday and a free day! So we’ll have some fun. First with questions, a hot excerpt and then you can spin the Wheel of Pleasure. How does that sound? Perfect, right? Good.
Now something fun:

Question:  Strawberry/Vanilla/Chocolate?
Answer:  Chocolate

Question:  Pepperoni/Cheese/Supreme pizza?
Answer:  Cheese please!

Question:  Favorite Movie?
Answer:  The Goonies
Question:  Favorite Actor & why?
Answer:  Anthony Hopkins, he’s always surprising me!

Question:  Favorite Actress & why?
Answer:  Natalie Portman, she’s always delivering something new too!

Question:  Favorite Book & why?
Answer:  I like the Anita Blake series because Anita is spunky!

Question:  Favorite Writer & why?
Answer:  Laurell K. Hamilton, she keeps me entertained!
Question:  Werewolf or Vampire?
Answer:  Vampire!

Question:  Urban Fantasy or Paranormal?
Answer:  Paranormal

Question:  Where would travel to & why?
Answer:  Tuscany. I watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sky and have always wanted to visit ever since.

Question:  Erotic or vanilla Romance?
Answer:  Erotic

Question:  Any Fetishes?
Answer:  Um, you’ll have to read The Ark Hotel: Under Bonded Contract and guess!

Question:  Favorite color?
Answer:  Gray

Question:  Favorite restaurant?
Answer:  Zio’s baby! Love me some Italian. mmm

Question:  What makes you laugh?
Answer:  My kids. They say the darnedest things!

This excerpt has not been professionally edited by my editor…

“Ooo, what's that? That wasn't here the last time I visited.” Jackson turned toward the wheel leaving her side in a hurry.
He reminded her of a kid who wanted to handle every piece of candy on the store shelves. Camri shook her head and followed. She laughed at the excitement held in his eyes.
His head turned with the circles the wheel made. Jackson leaned toward Camri, “I want to spin. This looks like fun.”
The Maître D' smiled graciously at them both. “This could be your position tonight, The Andromache...”
Camri's brows pulled together. “The what?” The man seemed to be speaking French. What the hell is andro whatever?
Jackson laughed. “It's where the man lies on his back with his legs apart and the woman sits on top of him. Her back faces him though.”
“Hmm... Kind a like the reverse cowgirl?”
A wicked grin swept across his lips and he continued, “The plus sides, every erogenous zones can be explored and,” he lowered his lips to her ear and whispered, “the G spot can be penetrated just right.” Camri shivered.
She quickly took control. “I take it you're the expert?”
He straightened. “A few times, yes.”
“Of course.” Camri's attention settled on the man by the wheel. “We are here for a test on a new game. Would it be a bother if I made a quick spin for fun?” Camri pointed at the wheel.
The man smiled. “You may.” He stepped aside to let Camri spin.
Camri eyed the slots looking for one she may recognize, many Kama Sutra positions filled the spaces, there had to be over fifty of them. She spun and watched, where it would stop nobody knew. The wheel slowed after several seconds. Slower, and slower, finally the wheel stopped on the position destiny chose, The Bonobo. Camri turned to look at Jackson. “Okay Mr. Expert, tell me what this position means?”
Jackson stepped forward tugging his ear slowly. “I'm not sure on this one, let me think.” His lips scrunched out while clearing his throat. “I don't know.”
The Maître D' gave the answer to Camri. “The Bonobo, is a position most desired between two willing men.”
Camri turned to Jackson. “Is this right up your exploratory alley, Jackass!”
Camri laughed. “Why Jackson, bothered much?” She looked at the man by the wheel. “Tell me more. I'm eager to learn.”
“I'm out of here.” Jackson turned and walked off.
Snatching his jacket and holding his arm tight, Camri dragged him back to her side. “You're staying right here to hear this,” she snickered.
The man continued, “One partner lies on the bed with arms to the side, while the other raises their legs by the ankles. The partner on top positions themselves just right where it doesn't hurt the partner on the bed.”
“Anything going in the backdoor I'm sure hurts. Don't let anyone lie to you, Camri.” Jackson pulled on his shirt collar like it suddenly tightened on him.
Camri raised a brow. Did he assume she never tried? “You wouldn't want to try that position? Oh, and I know from experience, it feels kind of good actually.” She wanted to have fun with this.
“Really, how interesting? And no! Now let me spin the wheel. Let's see where it stops. We will have to talk about the new backdoor subject later.” The wheel spun quick with Jackson's hard tug. Around it went several times and slowed to a final rest on The Bamboo position. Jackson raised a dark brow. “Now that's a position I've never tried before.” He pointed a finger at the slot and turned to Camri with a wicked grin.
Camri's lips stretched low in both corners while shaking her head. “Me either.” She raised both brows to match Jackson's surprised ones. “Huh, we actually have something in common outside of work, how interesting?”
“Very interesting.” Jackson stepped closer. His fingers glided up the length of her arm. “We need to go check in for the game of a lifetime.” He smiled at her and took her by an elbow.
Fluttering swarmed her belly. She melted. At least Jackson was with her.
The Maître D' handed Jackson a playing card with The Bamboo instructions.
Now it’s your turn to spin the wheel, to see what destiny chooses for you!

*graphic provided by Jimmy Compton

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