Friday, December 9, 2011

Erotic Authors Lani Rhea and JP Archer

Lani Rhea and JP Archer
Erotic Romance Anthology

     Today is Friday, fun day! Tonya, thanks for allowing us to post on your blog all week. We start you off with a few fun, silly things about us. We will follow up with the blurb to The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn and our buy links. Remember to visit Lani’s blog to enter for a chance to win one copy of The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn. The further you go down *get your mind out of the gutter* the blog the more fun that awaits—interaction with us. *WEG*

Tonya:  Lani and JP, it’s been fun having you here all week and by looking at the numbers, our readers are enjoying you also. Now something fun! Ladies,  Chocolate or  Vanilla?
Jp:  White Chocolate

LR:  Chocolate

Tonya:  Pepperoni/Cheese/Supreme pizza?

Jp:  Pepperoni and Mushroom.

LR:  Cheese please

Tonya:  Favorite Movie?

LR:  The Goonies

Jp:  Oh wow. I am such a movie buff. I can’t narrow it down to one, depends on the genre.

Tonya:  Favorite Actor & why?

LR:  Anthony Hopkins, he’s the best.

Jp:  Sean Connery. He’s sexy, distinguished and did I say sexy? Yes.
Tonya:  I have to jump in here and second Sean Connery! His eyes and accent get me every time! Favorite Actress & why?

Jp:  Whoopi Goldburg. I love to laugh and she makes me pee my pants.

LR:  Natalie Portman, she is very beautiful and does very well in her acting roles.

Tonya:  Favorite Book & why?

Jp:  Anything by Laurel K. Hamilton. She can write sexy and paranormal like no one else.

LR:  The Host

Tonya:  Favorite Writer & why?

LR: I have to agree with JP here, Laurel K. Hamilton.

Jp:  See above…

Tonya:  Werewolf or Vampire?

LR:  Vampire!

Jp:  Probably vampire. I think they are inherently sexy. But Jacob Black is way hot and I’d be seriously torn on that one.

Tonya:  Urban Fantasy or Paranormal?

Jp:  Either. Both are great.

LR:  Paranormal

Tonya:  Where would you travel to & why?

Jp:  On my bucket list is a European tour. I want to go to Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Italy and Rome. I love architecture. I would love to just wander around the old castles and palaces seeing how they built and decorated them before prefab and modern tools.

LR:  Italy. I’ve always wanted to visit Tuscany. When I watched Under the Tuscan Sun, I fell in love with the idea. 

Tonya:  JP, I’m with you on the European tour. I love those old castles! Erotic or vanilla Romance?

LR:  Erotic.

Jp:  Erotic.

Tonya:  Any Fetishes?

LR:  Nope

Jp:  Well, not really a fetish I think, but I love my husband’s skin. The smell, texture and warmth of his skin is very enticing to me.

Tonya:  Favorite color?

Jp:  Shades of green and blue

LR:  Gray. Black is overrated sometimes. LOL

Tonya:  Favorite restaurant?

Jp:  Furr’s or Golden Corral- I like variety. Don’t pigeon hole me.

LR:  Zios/Furr’s. Now I’m hungry.

Tonya:  What makes you laugh?

Jp:  Love, sex, comedy - anything can be funny. But I think that laughter is a very important part of romance. The best sex I ever had was not so much the sex, but that afterward, my husband and I lay awake until four in the morning telling each other dirty jokes until our cheeks ached from smiling and our bellies were sore from laughing. We both had to be up by six for work but we just couldn’t stop. It’s magic.

LR: Anything funny. I like to watch America’s Funniest Videos. 

Here’s the blurb from The Ark Hotel: Before The Dawn:

With the Mayan’s predicted doomsday a year away, inspires many to take a spin on the Wheel of Pleasure at the risqué Ark Hotel.
Running north from an abusive relationship, Angie Perkins, never suspected her life would change by a chance encounter. Repulsed, she despises The Ark Hotel.
Noah Hawthorne, part owner and CEO of The Ark Hotel, can’t know that fate would serve up his true love in a small town diner.
With Christmas around the corner, can these two give of their hearts, finding their way past their pasts to each other as the clock ticks down on the world’s final moments?

Tonya: Where can your readers find you?



Tonya: Great! Where can people buy the anthology your story The Ark Hotel: Before the Dawn is featured in?

LR:  Okay, so we wanted to end the day with you spinning The Wheel of Pleasure. The wheel is mentioned in book one, but more so in book two. (Release sometime 2012). If you want to spin the wheel and find out what Kama Sutra position you landed on, leave us a comment.
Tonya, you’re the best. We had a lot of fun on your blog this week. I look forward to blogging with you in the future. If you ever need my page, let me know and we will get you rolling. *grin* Hugs!
As soon as a winner is drawn, JP and I will contact the winner through email.
Have a safe and fun Friday!!!

Tonya:  Ladies, we’ve all had a great time and you’ve had a room full of guests all week. Lani, I’d love to visit you in January when book four in my series is released. I’ll be in touch for sure. Readers, refill your glasses, tease our bartender, he loves it, and hang around as long as you like! Don’t forget to visit Lani’s blog to get into the drawing for an e-copy! Again, thank you all for joining us, grab your copy of their anthology today! Muah! Merry Christmas, everyone, from all of us!