Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More From The Bad Boy of Romance

Welcome Back!!

Tonya:  Thank you for returning. I knooooow you wanted to learn more about our local Bad Boy! *wicked laugh* Well he's back to share more with us and give a little insight into his world. Yep, you guessed it...better grab that drink because you won't want to leave once you get started reading here!
     Sascha, we love your books but want to know more about YOU. Let's be silly today. What would you wear if you were the heroine of a romance novel? *squirming in my chair and kicking my flogger under the table*

Sascha:  Thankfully something I can write where I don’t have to be drunk for it LOL! Seriously this is a tough question for two reasons. One, I’m the premiere source of romance stories for women and two, I’m a cross dressing male.
     I tend to look at lingerie in one of two ways.  Number one, what do I like? Well, I like boyshort panties, ruffled skirts, garter belts, chemises (own a few of each! And heels.  Don’t forget a sexy pair of stockings or three!
     Even in that sentence I still pictured myself there. It’s hard to separate sometimes the fetish from the participant.  So we’ll try here.
     If I were a heroine bent on seducing my hero, that makes me go even further into thought to know if I’m bisexual or is he? And if he is, then does he like other men, or is he into the traditional male fantasy of two women paying attention to him alone?
     I can’t do that. I’m the heroine for Goddess sake! So, we’re going to pretend he’s male, bisexual, and into men so I can watch, but then both men are into me so I can have fun!  Now, that being said, what am I wearing?
     Probably something crotchless. I like the look and feel of comfortable boyshort panties, in black of course. But I need to feel sexy and having that open exposure lets me feel free and wild as I am in the middle of a ménage with two hunky guys after all!  On top of that, I like a little mystery so there would probably be something elegant and classy, a lengthy chemise or babydoll would work. 
     Oh yes, and heels. I can walk in four inch heels but remember, for the purpose of this blog, I need to entice and remember that I’m the heroine!  A Very sexy heroine like the ones Alexandria Rayne writes about. *wink* So I can walk in six inch stilettos. Hey, I know it hurts but it’s totally worth it!  And I’d have those panties with garters so I could wear my stockings and get all my delights in a glorious mess.
     So to recap, we’re thinking black. It’s a classic color, it draws the eyes to my good points and is elegant. Remember, we’re talking about open and free sexuality from the romance novel writer’s perspective!
     One of the things I've noticed that rarely happens in romance novels is the exclusion of lingerie. Typically the heroine wears either practical or "basic" seductive, meaning she'll have the standard dress, thong or some thin scrap of material covering her delicious bits and a matching bra. If she's a practical heroine, comfort is her style. Hell, even I did this when I wrote Sonja from Burning for Derrick, she is first found in her dressing room (She's a lead singer for a death metal band) in a black matching bra and panty set but I put her in lace boyshort cut panties. Derrick the puma and ex spy definitely found the petite, curvy and mouthy singer sexy but that scene was only a step towards creating sexual tension.
     In A Christmas Favour, my heroine Angela used lingerie to seduce Christian. But there wasn't a huge to do over it nor did I describe it in depth.

Tonya: Wow! Ummm...all I can say is HOT! Readers, he's open to questions so fire away! Sascha, once again, thank you so much for visiting with us!

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