Monday, January 16, 2012

Sascha Illyvich - Bad Boy of Romance!

Please help me welcome....
Sascha Illyvich
The Bad Boy of Romance!!

      Readers, grab yourself a beverage, get comfy and let's get started. Sascha, welcome and I'm so excited that you stopped in this week to join us. I've had fun getting to know you a LOT better and glad I did. Your background is crazy with all you do! I'm not sure how you find time to write!

Sascha: Proclaimed by the Publishing industry as the Bad Boy of Romance, I started writing twelve years ago.  My erotic romances have been listed under the Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s Recommended read list, as well nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio.
     I host the Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata and continue to write for Sizzler Editions and Total E-bound.  Readers can find my work, plus free reads at 
     I edit for Sizzler Editions Intoxication Erotic Romance line and I’m also part of the WriteSex Panel, a blog group defining erotica for writers in any genre! Find us at

Tonya: You're going to share with us you take on the Male POV in romance writing. Authors, get that pen and paper ready for note taking!

Sascha:  One of the biggest issues female romance writers have is writing from the Male POV. As authors, we may often ask our spouses about behavior issues. We’re often left stumbling when our spouses can’t give us an exact answer, as is usually the case in dealing with the male mind.

Female author:  “Honey, why do you men behave in X fashion?”

Male Spouse:  “Hell if I know.” Or a grunt or shoulder shrug for the response.

     This doesn’t help anyone at all and then when the female romance novelist goes to find information, she’s confronted with a myriad of blogs, studies, postings, and an overwhelming amount of news that would make anyone scream!
     Being a male romance author, I’ve seen some of the information the female gender shares about us and I must say much of it is inaccurate BUT I happen to be slightly biased. Most of my friends are female; I am engrossed in this genre as a writer and hardly deal with men outside the cigar/wine industry. In fact, I had a post on how I’m often one of the girls because I don’t behave like a typical male.
     Back to the writing, when we’re talking about male POV we’re really talking about the same thing in both genders, especially when we break down the story’s plot. Romance is basically very simple:

     Two people come together because they listen to their hearts.  But men are taught to ignore feelings in order to forage for survival. Women often are taught to go with their instincts, which can be emotionally based. If something feels wrong, it probably is.
     The disconnect in romance creates conflict. IE, I can’t be with her, I’ll fall in love and she might hurt me. Or vice versa with the women.  But what we need to realize is that our males, oftentimes played as jaded heroes have inner issues that we must address and utilize to forward plot. We’re taking that inner angst from men that usually comes out as vitriol and realizing that it’s truly passion. There are underlying reasons for their behavior that usually stem from the past and create our way of being. When we identify the reasons for them, we can let our heroines see a little more into the man and why he’s who he is.  It’s up to her then to help him grow, not change. 

     Routinely, I teach courses on Male POV for Romance authors with course information found here. Feel free to pop on over to see the syllabus and find out when and where I’m scheduled to teach!

Tonya:  Sascha, thank you for being here this week and we all look forward to chatting with you these next few days.
     Readers, leave a comment or question for our Bad Boy and be sure to come back tomorrow to read what else he has in store for us. I promise you'll learn more about Sascha. Don't forget to visit his websites, follow him on Twitter and FB!

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