Sunday, November 25, 2012

The holiday shopping is here!

Holiday Shopping!

     I know I'm not ready yet but many of you braved it on Black Friday. Not me!! I'm not one to fight the crowds and rude people pushing to get those sale items! I know not everyone is rude, but it's those few who just ruin the fun of being out enjoying a shopping spree. Congrats to those who did. I hope you saved a lot of money! There were certainly some awesome sales going on.
     I don't think I could find a local shop that sells St Andrew's crosses, or padded horse benches for my dungeon so I shop online where it's at my own pace. If you're an online shopper looking for new reads, please check out my books at your favorite online store...remember, book 1, The Contract is FREE!! 
     Who wants to share what they bought or how much they saved? Go ahead, make me wish I'd have braved the crowds! What's on YOUR wish list? As for me...I'd love a clone machine and 30 hours in a day! Someone find them for me please!! LOL