Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book 4 of The Boss's Pet...Hot!

Have you read book four yet?

     There are several readers out there who are not yet aware that book four is out for the series so I just wanted to be sure you can find it if you've not read it yet. Book four takes Sondra to another Palm Springs hot spot where she gets a taste of her first Domme...or should I say her Domme gets a taste of her? *wicked laugh* Either way, it's hot!

     Let your imagination go wild...go ahead, envision our own Jimmy Thomas as the submissive if even for a little while! Sondra gets a chance to show her Doms what she's learned from'll love it! For those who love it hot and naughty, click HERE for the xxx-rated excerpt then head over to the buy links for your favorite online stores! Have those towels or partner handy...I'm just sayin'!

     This is Master Buck from Master's Email. His character got to enjoy a submissive in training; check it out! Readers have requested to see the characters, Alexis, Colt and Master Buck, show up in another book and I thought perhaps they just might be at one of those Palm Springs parties that Sondra and Nick attend. I hear your mind working already! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm sure he could put Sondra through the paces and keep her on her toes! tssss!
      On the real side for a moment, this is John Quinlan...up and coming romance model who's already been on more than a few covers and I may work him into cover five! Have you read Master's Email yet?

Enjoy, my little smut lovers!