Sunday, December 23, 2012

I wish you all kinds of LOVE! Muah!

Merry Christmas
to all my little smut lovers!

        My wish for each of you this season is for you to feel the love of family and friends all around you, even those of us who may be far away from you. Love has no bounds and travels great lengths to reach all of us, we just need to be open and receptive. I hope you are! Love can come to you in many different ways and may show up in the smile of a total stranger - smile back and share your love!
      I have been blessed this year with readers from all over the globe. I want to say thank you so much for reading my work, following my blog, Facebook page and Twitter. I hope in some small way I've been able to entertain you just a wee bit! *wicked laugh*
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       May each of you get what you're hoping for this Christmas and may you have the best of Santas!