Monday, October 14, 2013

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5 Sexiest Things About Men

     I like my guys rough around the edges—hair a little too long and messy, beard scruff (a must!), jeans and workboots (mmmhmmm). My BFF loves tall, dark, suited-up boardroom types. It’s hard to choose 1 feature that all women agree on when it comes to their favorites, but here are a few that get most of our engines revving.

  • The Adonis Belt. I call this the cradle of love. You know, that delicious ring of muscle that rides just above low-slung jeans? Yummmm. 
  • Bad-boy smile. Whether dimpled or not, we ladies love a grinning man. It says he’s playful and loves life. 
  • Great-smelling. Ever follow the scent of cologne through the store? You might find yourself attracted to the wearer without ever seeing him! We ladies don’t want a man bathed in scent, but we do adore a good-smelling man. 
  • Secrets. I’m not talking about men who keep secrets. I’m talking about men who REVEAL them. We want to know what makes them tick, what they love, and where their vulnerabilities lie. Share in the bedroom, and we’re mush.
  • Good manners. It’s true. I love a country boy who holds a door for me or tips his hat. If he “yes ma’ams” my mother, my knees go weak.

      A man doesn’t need a huge package or a large bank account. If you are earnest and spend a little time on yourself—and your lady—we’re loyal followers. 
     Thanks for reading, and a big thanks to Tonya for lending her blog today. Please read on for a revealing excerpt from UNBROKEN, now available from Samhain Publishing.
      It’ll take more than rope to tie down the man they love.
Country Fever, Book 3
      When Christian comes out of the bar to find a bat-wielding country girl beating the hell out of his best friend Tucker’s truck, he does the only thing he can—he flirts with her. Unfortunately, he knows her pain—he’s in love with Tucker too.

       Claire plans to nurse her bruised heart alone, but inevitably Tucker draws her back in—along with Christian—and the three of them tumble headlong into delirious passion. Then she and Christian wake to find that Tucker has fled his horse ranch, leaving them to care for the animals and each other. 
     Still grieving the death of his fiancĂ©e, pressured to sign over mining rights to a coal company, Tucker is boots-deep in emotional turmoil. Running only sharpens his longing for what he truly wants—Christian and Claire in his bed, in the barn, and under the stars.
       But roping themselves firmly inside the circle of love will take everything they have—bulldogged determination, flying fists and aching hearts. 

Product Warnings:

     Wrangle one heartsick cowboy, and the man and woman who love him. Throw in weeks of working in close quarters, bales of pent-up lust, and feel the burn of prairie-fire-hot desire. Now just try to walk away with your heart unbranded. 

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     Tucker cocked a brow. “I’d say you’ve been spending too much time with Letty. You’re talking like an old lady.” 
     The corner of Christian’s mouth quirked up. “That’s true. We’ve been living here like a cozy family. What do you have to say to that?” 
      It hurts like hell that you were able to survive at all without me. 
     He couldn’t say it. Jealousy was a hot coal in his gut. “I’m thankful that you took care of things.” 
      “Things meaning Claire.” 
      “Yeah, and more. She sure deserves someone better than me.” 
     “Someone like me,” Christian said in a voice that said he really believed it. He met Tucker’s gaze head-on, the lights in his eyes as challenging as the headlights of a big rig barreling at him without brakes. “If you intend to hurt her again, I’m going to have to kick your ass, Langley.” 
      He nodded once, hard. Then probed Christian’s stare deeper. “And if I hurt you?” 
     “You have. I think you know…my feelings for you. In case letting you take me in the ass wasn’t enough of an indication.”