Thursday, November 14, 2013

Print copies arriving Nov 25th for Come Tame Me!!

Print Version is Coming!!

     Am I excited?? You bet! This is my first ever book to make it to print! I approved the specs on Wednesday and ordered copies to give away at contests! I knooooow! Watch my newsletters for more info on that!
       I'm also doing book marks and those should be here about the same time the print copies arrive so that I can include a book mark with each signed copy. Don't want to wait for a contest? You can Contact Me for your copy and I'll get that off to you. The paperback will be $12.99 plus $2.00 shipping for US orders. I do use Paypal and the payment can be sent to my addy, which I'll include in the email reply to those interested in the signed copies. The book will also be available at the Amazon CreateSpace book store for all orders.
       Soon, I hope to have my e-store up so readers can order and download my books right from my site! I hope that will be a great benefit for you. Payments will be with any credit card and Paypal.
         Many readers have asked for paperback copies of The Boss's Pet series since they're only available as e-books right now. I'm still toying with the idea of doing paperback with each book or perhaps including the first four books into one paperback. What are YOUR thoughts on that? I'd love to hear via comments here. Thanks for stopping in!
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