Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Master Buck in Master's Email, he'll appear in book 5!

Master Buck
AKA John Quinlan

     Master Buck, AKA John Quinlan, body builder and most tattooed romance cover model, does have a real time life...but I also think he makes a great trainer of submissives in the Dom/sub lifestyle. Although he's a cover model for our sexy romance covers where we put him into the hero-status of any number of roles, does NOT mean that is what he does in Real Time. I do hope none of his friends assume he takes on that role in RT just because I think he exudes a very masculine demeanor of one who has his emotions under control no matter what the circumstances are. Since I've thrust him into the role of the 'trainer of disobedient submissives' no way relates that to his RT life role of loving husband and father.
     With that said, let's move into the story of Master's Email where he's called in to train Alexis - she's not obeying her Master and needs expert instructions. She tries hard to stick to the email instructions he sends to her everyday...but when she gets so hot and bothered and he's not around, what's a horny sub to do? Her only option is to treat herself to an explosive orgasm all by her lonesome, no? NO!! We all know that is not allowed! Especially if she's already been instructed not to do that! tsk tsk tsk! She knows better.

      Colt knows that he must get his message across to her and if she won't learn by his instruction, then he's forced to bring in another who can make her understand!
     *wicked laugh* I can't keep going because that will give away the rest of the story! Click to your favorite online store - I have them all listed on my website to make it easy for you to download your own copy at only .99!
      The characters from Master's Email will be making an appearance in Book 5 of The Boss's Pet series (coming in late December) so do get prepared. You'll learn more about Master Buck and perhaps he may find his own submissive from among the attendees. Enjoy!