Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Come Tame Me Book Giveaway!!

Paperback Giveaway!!

     Looking to get in on the giveaway? Click the banner on the left to get your entry in. I'm giving away THREE signed copies. Good luck to everyone. Don't want to wait and see if you win? Want the paperback NOW? You can buy a signed copy HERE - click over to my webstore to pay via paypal. Thank you so much!
     I want to thank everyone who ordered a copy of Come Tame Me over at All Romance e-Books Cafe where my book trailer is still showing and will then be in the archives.
     Book 2 will be Dani's story and I hope to get started on that in January but it won't release until at least mid-2014. I searched the internet to find the right picture of her man and found him! Watch my website where I'll soon post his photo so you Western-romance lovers can start craving book 2!

   For those who like the more erotic books in The Boss's Pet series, Book 5, Under Her Command, should be available for you by the end of December! Click HERE to read more about the book and the XXX rated excerpt that will soon be posted!