Monday, December 16, 2013

Pre-order Book 5 of The Boss's Pet: Under Her Command! (BDSM)

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     I'm glad you're excited for the release of book 5 in the series! For those who pre-order, YOU will receive the e-book BEFORE it's even uploaded to the online stores, I promise you! When you click the link and head over to my webstore, be sure to click the type of e-format you want: epub, mobi, PDF and I'll add you to my pre-order list!
     I'm working hard to get this finished and hope to have it to the online stores before the end of December. I have beta readers and editors reading through chapters as I write them, which I'm having a blast writing by the way! The characters from Master's Email are joining the party in Palm Springs as well as the party at the mountaintop restaurant, Peak's, and bar area of the aerial tram. Click over to view where the party is...although it doesn't show the private door that leads down to the dungeon deep in the mountain!


     Don't forget to come back here and pre-order your copy of book 5 so you can be the first to read it. I hope a few of you will be generous enough to leave online reviews for others to check out before they buy. You can also email me your review via the Contact Me button on my website and I'll post your comments on my website.
     Fans of the series are loving the books as they watch the relationship grow between Nick and Sondra. I've also included a new relationship in this story that you'll have to read if you want to learn more about it. I think it will open up another book or two in the series, not to mention where Nick and Sondra may be headed with their relationship! *wicked laugh*

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