Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still FREE but...NEW version coming soon!

2nd Edition
Newly Revised

     Yes, it's true! I'm revising this book to make it tighter and better! I's about time. Look for the second edition to be out by March 10th. With the number of comments at Amazon by critical readers, I hope the new version brings more reviews that are a little nicer, but time will tell.

     Rewriting the opening scene will make more sense in the time frame of the relationship between Nick and Sondra so it doesn't appear that they just jumped into a relationship without getting to know each other. Do keep in mind that both are workaholics, neither of them have a current love interest and have been ignoring their sexual needs in order to better their business interests.
     If YOU read the second edition and like it, I'm asking if you'll please consider going to Amazon, Goodreads or B & N to leave your comments and perhaps a starred rating so book one can get to a FIVE Star. I'm sure I'll receive a few reviews saying even the new version still isn't good enough, that's only human nature. Some people just enjoying doing that sort of thing without regard to the fact that the book is totally OUT of their genre to begin with.
     I'll also be uploading the NEW Chapter 1 over at BookBuzzer - if you click over there via the book on the left, be sure to check out the cover match and hangman games they have where you can win gift cards!
     Thanks for stopping in to check out what's happening. More News...on the upper right, coming March 15th, I have a short story included in a new erotic anthology. Click the cover to read about my story, Dreams Do Come True (f/f). I hope you'll enjoy the info and then grab YOUR copy on March 15th!
Are YOU looking forward
to reading the NEW version??

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