Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Cover for Master's Email Featuring Master Buck!

Master's Email
w/John Quinlan as Master Buck

      Yes, that is our own John Quinlan on the cover - Most Tattooed Romance Cover Model in the world and he's excited to be shown here. He's also on the cover of Book five, Under Her Command. This man is so gentle-natured and a loving father, but to stay in shape, he's an award-winning body builder also. You can follow John on FaceBook! Have a question for John? I'm sure he'll stop by to check the comments and maybe respond.
     Now don't get his character in Master's Email (.99) confused with John's personal life because he's nothing like the character at all....his lifestyle choices, I mean. John does NOT practice the BDSM lifestyle. In the book, he trains submissives, making sure they learn what their Masters have instructed him to teach. If the submissive has misbehaved, he attempts to correct that, or perhaps they need to learn other lessons!


      Master Buck doesn't have a submissive of his own, but that may change in Under Her Command, which will lead me into book six of The Boss's Pet series. In Under Her Command, an abused submissive gets his attention and he takes her under his wing. His support is touching and will make you want to see more of those two.
     Click the links to find out more about the characters, read excerpts, and click the buy links! Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy both stories! Feel free to leave a comment about the books or for John. He just may stop by to take a peek!