Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dungeon Crawl Hop - May 21st - if you dare!

     Are you trying to peek into the key hole? Each room down here offers something different, depending on the fetish you have. We're glad you decided to join us and hope you continue to follow us every Wednesday. Our minds are kinky and we love thinking up new ways to twist your mind. Shall we begin? This week I thought I'd let my imagination go and see where we end up. This door opens to the St Andrews Cross room....

     Denise tugged at her wrist restraints but the leather wouldn't give. Her bare feet held her up off the floor as she stood on small foot rests where her ankles were also buckled tight. She'd been forced to slip into the tight leather corset that held up her naked breasts and her nipples puckered at the slight chill in the stone room. Water dripped in the corner and she concentrated on that sound to take her mind off what she'd signed up for. Candles burned in sconces on the far wall but didn't shed enough light for her to see among the shadows, although she tried to see what else hung on the wall. Fear slowly crept up her spine. Darkness slithered its fingers of fear up the inside of her thighs; her inner muscles clenched with anticipation of what would soon take place. Did all submissives feel regret after they agreed to be bound in leather by Doms they'd never met?
      Keys rattled outside the door and she saw someone peek through the hole that allowed spectators to watch. Blood rushed through her veins and slammed her heart against her chest. It was time. Slowly the door creaked open, a huge man entered and the door locked behind him. Flames ignited and lit the entire room as he held a torch to one of the candles. He wore a leather mask with only eye and mouth holes. The closer he stepped, the larger he appeared and Denise's stomach flipped over.
     He moved the torch as he looked her over, the flame getting closer than she wanted. Then again, what she wanted didn't come into play tonight. Squatting in front of her, the flame heated her thighs as his fingers caressed her skin, moving higher until two fingers slipped inside of her. She cursed at herself when her muscles tightened around them and his laugh echoed in the room.
     "You slut. You can't wait until I begin, can you? They said I'd get my money's worth with you." The Dom settled his torch in a nearby stand behind him, putting his face and chest in shadows yet allowed him to view every part of her body as she lowered her gaze. He stepped to the wall, lifted something from it and returned to stand close enough she smelled his musk. Soft leather tendrils trailed over each of her breasts and then up over her thighs. The Dom leaned closer and closed his mouth over her nipple and sucked harder than she was prepared for. A gasp and whimper slipped from her throat. When he moved to the other nipple and sucked harder, he also jammed two fingers up inside of her, swirled several times and pushed deeper until she cried out.
     "That's what I want to hear. Mewling cries as I use your body for my own pleasure. Then again, you may be surprised to find out that our pleasures aren't on the same page." He pulled his fingers from her pussy and rubbed her juices over her lips and cheeks. Sniffing the air, he leaned closer. "I want you to smell like that all over." Again he inserted two fingers and then spread her juices over each nipple. "Now open and stick out your tongue, slut."
     When Denise obeyed, two fingers slowly slid over her tongue and back toward her throat. She gagged as he crammed his fingers deeper and his laugh again echoed in her ears as her eyes watered.
     "That tells me we have extra training to do with you after I finish. Look at me."
     Dark eyes stared back at her and she tugged at her restraints. He stepped back and began a gentle flogging across her breasts, each one becoming harder than the last. Before she cried out, the flogger moved to slapped against her labia and caused her to flinch until she forced herself to accept the pain. She could do this! Sending her thoughts into the dark corners of her mind, the pain in her thighs became tolerable with each stroke. Soon the flogger hit at all parts of her body.... her breasts stung and her nipples were on fire, then her pussy ached and throbbed.
       Denise closed her eyes, ignoring what she could but each slow, painful stroke got worse. Cries in her throat slipped out until she screamed for her Dom. He only laughed between each strike of the leather tails. All ceased and she could breathe again but before she got to relax, fingers probed between her legs, withdrew to wipe fluid on the inside of her thighs and plunged in again. When a finger pushed its way into her ass, her scream now echoed off the walls and down the stone hallway, Denise was sure. His fingers moved in both holes until she panted, clenching his fingers with her tight inner muscles.
     All too quickly, he pulled away and she waited. She smelled him. Opening her eyes, his nose nearly touched hers. "Open your mouth for me, slut. That's it. Now close."
     The sweet taste of her juices were spread over her tongue with his huge fingers and he fucked her mouth with them. She knew he'd go deeper and gag her and she tried to be ready, breathing as best she could. Pressure on her tongue moved back and a small gag happened.
     "Suck those fingers like their my cock. Come on. That's it, suck harder." He backed off and started over, plunging slow, then deeper until her abs heaved as she gagged, making him laugh at her. Her cheeks heated and she closed her eyes.
      "I didn't give you permission to close those pretty eyes. Look at me. I want you to look at me and think of sucking my cock as you take my fingers into your throat. I love how tight it wraps around my fingers. Gawd, its tight. My cock would choke you for sure. Feeling your throat tighten around the head of my cock would be heaven, but we'll save that."
     Pain shot through one of her nipples as his fingers thrust forward and her throat closed. She couldn't back away as her head pressed against the wood of the cross. Her wrists ached as she struggled to get free and push him away.
     His fingers twisted her nipple as he plunged one last time and then withdrew. Her lungs burned as she gasped for air. A short reprieve gave her time to slow her breathing until he stepped close again and she held her breath.
     Lifting his foot, he rested it on something next to her and leaned in, rubbing his rock hard cock against her thigh. "That should be ramming into your pussy right now but we have work to do before that happens."
      He forced a brutal kiss on her, licking at her pussy juices he'd spread over her lips and suddenly his fingers probed up inside of her, swirling, making her dizzy with need. Plunging, withdrawing, plunging again, Denise clenched his fingers and whimpers slipped out as her orgasm ebbed closer. His hard cock rubbed along her thigh and his mouth moved to her nipple, biting and sucking. The flesh of her nipple felt as though it were on fire from his punishment. With each plunge of his hand, her whimpers got louder, her heart raced faster until she let out a scream of pleasure and rode his hand, her juices dribbling down her thigh. The ankle leathers resisted as she tried to pull her legs together.
      She panted at the release, thankful he'd let her do that.
     "You didn't have permission to come. You sluts are all the same." He gripped her pussy with such force she screamed out loud. "You will pay, but then...isn't that why you're here? To receive pain?"
      Stepping back over to the wall, he brought back a gag with a three inch protrusion that he forced into her mouth and buckled it at the back of her head. Denise breathed again until her gag reflex calmed and she could relax her tongue beneath the rubber cock.
     "Get used to that, the other one's bigger." He held up nipple clamps with screws. "I'm going to wager that next'll ask permission to come before allowing yourself to do that. You need to work on self control but pain does help to learn. Shall we begin?"

To be continued.....

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