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Dungeon Crawl Hop - June 4th with Tonya Kinzer

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(continued from May 21 post)
     "Welcome." *a whip snaps and a woman whimpers among the flickering shadows in the dimly lit cell as a spectator steps in*  "Please take a seat in the corner and don't make a sound. You're here to watch. What you do in your chair is of no concern to me. Shall we begin?"
     His deep voice spoke with authority and made Denise tremble. The spectator sat in the leather armchair in a dark corner, positioned with a perfect view of the coming attraction. He'd paid money to watch her be tortured but...she'd paid money to receive pain and had already received more than her money's worth.

     The Dom stood nose to nose with her and his musky scent filled her senses, tightening her inner muscles in anticipation.
     "You do remember that before our visitor arrived, you didn't have permission to come. You sluts are all the same." He gripped her pussy with such force she screamed out loud. "You will pay, but then...isn't that why you're here? To receive pain?"
      Stepping over to the wall, he brought back a gag with a three inch protrusion that he forced into her mouth and buckled it at the back of her head. Denise tried not to panic. She breathed again and swallowed several times until her gag reflex calmed so she could relax her tongue beneath the rubber cock.
      "Get used to that, the other one's bigger." He held up nipple clamps with screws. "I'm going to wager that next'll ask permission to come before allowing yourself to do that. You need to work on self control, but pain does help to learn. Shall we begin?"
     Sharp pain shot through one nipple as he twisted and the muscles in her body jerked at her wrist restraints on the St Andrews Cross. Her chest heaved as she struggled to breathe and bit down on the hug dildo in her mouth. The grip on her nipple didn't let up and tear slipped from the corner of her eye.
      The instant he did let go, he attached the clamp and began to tighten. "Breathe, slut. Concentrate on retreating from the pain." He twisted one more time and laughed as he yanked on her other nipple. Quickly attaching that clamp, he tightened it slower and watched her.
      Denise widened her eyes as a muffled scream came from her throat. He tipped his head back to laugh...a laugh so deep she'd never forget this day. Short breaths helped only a little. She could have sworn he stabbed needles through each nipple. Why did she not think this through more?
      Pulling in longer, deeper breathes seemed to help with the pain and soon she realized he no longer stood in front of her. Listening, waiting, her heart pounded in her ears.
       A leather strap went around her throat and pulled her neck against the wood behind her. Hands cupped her breasts and then tugged on the clamps, making her whimper. His hands moved lower, past her waist and around to her ass. With her thighs spread, she stood wide open to whatever he wanted to do. Fingers spread her lips and touched her clit.
      Warm breath touched her ear. "You're don't try to convince me this doesn't excite you. You love pain when you think there'll be a release for you later."
      He stepped away and left her in silence.
      She waited.
     Leather strands landed across her stomach and if she could have doubled over, she would have. Another strike from the flogger landed before she could recover and then another. She lost count and the pain in her body joined as one.
      When it stopped, she opened her eyes to see he now stood in front of her. The tails of the flogger landed on her pubic bone again and again as she bit down on the dildo. Now he hit her coming up from the bottom and the leather tendrils seemed to slice into her lips. She'd swear they slipped between them to grab at her clit and soon she all out screamed as best she could with her mouth filled.
      Before she passed out, the flogging stopped, allowing her to catch her breath and regroup. Her chest heaved as she attempted to pull in enough air before she lost it.
     "Concentrate! Go to the dark corners of your mind and escape the pain."
      The flogger landed on one thigh, then another, again and again. Now between her thighs; then across her stomach. No part of her body was safe from him. Laughter filtered through as she hid within the darkness, pain tugging her back toward the light. She prayed she could scream, but the dildo of the gag now seemed to grow on its own as her panic attack got worse.
     Each strike came faster. She could no longer anticipate where he would hit her and her flesh burned everywhere, her lips now swollen and the leather tendrils laced over her ass.
     Finally...nothing. She just breathed to relieve the pain and rested her head back on the wood, the strap around her neck restricting her movements. Tugging at the wrist restraints only brought out another deep laugh from her tormentor.
      A musky scent made her open her eyes and there he was. He stood on the base of where she was tied and braced his arms so he he nearly lay atop of her body. Grinding his crotch against hers awoke her need. As much as she hated him at this moment, he was her only chance at release.
      Her lungs burned.
      "Is that dildo opening your throat for me? I do hope so, but first..." His fingers separated her lips and pushed up inside. "You've gotten a bit sloppy since we first began." He wiped it over her thighs and forced his way back in, plunging, swirling...her world rocked but she concentrated on the pain in her nipples.
       When his fingers withdrew, the gag was released and she moved her tongue and stretched her jaw. "That's it, stretched it for me." Again his fingers plunged inside, stroking her g-spot and her hips moved with his hand.
       "Please, sir?"
       "Don't get any ideas of coming until you beg me some more, slut."
      He yanked off a nipple clamp and she saw red and heard a scream she didn't recognize as her own.
     "You love pain more than the average submissive. I must request you again. Your pussy is so tight. How's that?"
        "Thank you, sir. Please may I come?"
      "Tell me you want to take my cock in your throat."
      She didn't care at this point. Whatever would allow her to come she would tell him. "I want to take your huge cock in my throat and let you train me more, sir." His fingers moved like a plunger now. "Sir, I come?" Panting only made her more dizzy and she took in a deep breath, wishing for release.
        Three more plunges. Her inner muscles clamped tight and the other nipple clamp was torn off.
     "You may come like the slut you are. Show me how thankful you are."
     "Oh gawd....yes. Thank you, sir!" Stars burst behind her eyelids and her lungs burned even more, but the sexual release sparked through her body as spasms of pleasure washed through her. He filled her full and helped until she couldn't move anymore. "Please stop, sir. I can't take it."
       "No. You will come again...two more times for me. I know you can. Show me. Show our guest what a good submissive can do."
     His thumb worked her clit as his fingers teased and swirled inside and before she could help it, her body released again, dribbling fluid down her thighs...wave after wave...each one bigger than the last. Denise breathed with each orgasm, heightening the pleasure each time she took a deeper breath. Her body spasmed as he toyed with her.
     Collapsing in exhaustion, his fingers slowly pulled from her body. He rubbed her juices over her nipples and blew on them, releasing some of the pain. When his mouth covered one, his tongue massaged the swollen flesh and she closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasure pain he gave her."

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