Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tonya Kinzer lets you inside The Boss's Pet series...

Tonya Kinzer
The Boss's Pet series

     The series currently has five books and the sixth book will be out in 2015. Book one is FREE if you've not read the series yet. The books aren't for the normal romance reader due to strong sexual content, but will help you ease into the Dom/sub lifestyle for those still wondering what it's like. Nick is surprised by how much Sondra's learned and how easily she takes to the Domme role. He's taught her many things and loves that she's doing well enough to take charge.

     Sondra is proud that she can become a switch for Nick so he can experience the submissive side and not be in charge of every scene they have with each other. My intention is for the reader to be able to step into Nick's character, or her female characters, and experience Sondra through their eyes. Have you experienced sexual sensations as you read? Felt your body respond to sexy scenes you secretly want to try? That's why we make your mind lead your body to places kept secret from those around you.
     Give the series a try. If you've already read a few of the books and enjoyed them, please leave a comment for those who haven't. Below are the buy links...what are you waiting for? Come on over to the dark side...bring your cuffs and blindfold! 


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