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Party with Tory Richards and her New Release!

Tory Richards
Romance Author

Tonya:  I love having guest authors because I get to meet so many wonderful people! Tory, thank you for being my guest! Let's get this party started so they can learn about your new book. Balloons and streamers are hanging from the ceiling and the drink bar is in the corner. Readers love to know more about their authors so please tell us a bit about yourself.

Tory:  Thank you for having me, Tonya. I was born in Maine but I spent most of my life in Florida where I attended school, married and raised my daughter. For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be a writer but life often got in the way.  I was a closet writer for many years before my family encouraged me to submit to a publisher. It was the best thing I ever did. If there's anything I can say to encourage someone to pursue their dreams, it's to never stop doing what you love and never give up. During my life, I've had many different jobs from co-owning a janitorial company and owning an antique store, to doing commercial painting and wall-papering. I retired from Disney in 2012 to focus on family, travel, and writing.
Tonya:  There’s no grass growing under your feet, wow! I guess I don’t need to ask if you have a day job?
Tory:  No. I worked for some 40 plus years before I officially retired. Right now I'm enjoying my family, especially my grandchildren.
Tonya:  Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?
Tory:  Not really. The TV is on for background noise, I make sure I have coffee or iced tea next to me, and my desk is my recliner.
Tonya:  Where do you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?
Tory:  Oh my gosh, this has always been a hard question to answer because I can get an idea for a story from the littlest thing. Something I see while driving down the road,  a real-life event, something I've read, sometimes when I'm writing a book I get an idea from a character in that story. When I wrote Out Of Control I drew a lot of inspiration from actual events, such as the hurricanes in the story, the comical things that occurred in the retirement community I lived in at the time. A lot of locations in my books are from places I've actually lived. Where do I keep my story ideas? I actually have a document where I add ideas that pop into my head so I can go back to them later.
Tonya:  If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?
Tory:  I am self-published and I've also had publishers. I still have one book with a publisher, The Mercenary Way. I love self-publishing though. I enjoy the whole process and total control I have over my books from cover design, release date, editing, and pricing. How is it going? I have nothing to complain about. I'm happy with sharing my stories with readers and since my expectations have always been practical I'm thrilled over every royalty check. As long as I have some mad money to travel, take care of my 4 cats and spoil my grandchildren, I'm happy as a lark.
Tonya:  Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?
Tory:  I write day and night Mon-Fri, and I definitely have to be alone to write, have to get into the right frame of mind, and God forbid something interrupting me. However, I usually have at least two of my four cats somewhere on me at any given time.
Tonya:  We have two cats, so I totally understand. What advice would you give to new authors?
Tory:  Be in it for the right reasons and you'll never be disappointed or let down. For me, it's always been a passionate hobby.
Tonya:  Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?
Tory:  Usually I write better when I know what my hero is going to look like, and that usually comes from inspiration in the way of an image I've seen whether it be on the web, TV or in person.
Tonya:  What attracts you most about men?
Tory:  I don't go for the suited up, every hair in place pretty boy. He has to be big and manly. Think Tom Selleck, Chris Hemsworth, Joe Manganiello, and Gerard Butler.
Tonya:  Nice choices! We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline?
Tory:  It's an MC romance that takes place during Daytona Beach Bike Week in Florida. The Sentinels, all veterans, are the local biker's club and their goal is to take care of their town. The romance is between the club president and a young woman who's just arrived in town, and somehow becomes a companion to his ailing father. The full-length novel is hot, sexy and has suspense.

Blurb - As the president of the Sentinels MC Tanner his hands full. It's Daytona Beach Bike Week and Daytona is his town. Then trouble by the name of Ruby rolls in, pretty, sassy, and with enough curves to tempt a saint. Well, Tanner isn’t a saint, and she’s his kind of gal, except his one-time only fuck rule isn't for girls like Ruby. But then, aren't rules meant to be broken?

Tonya:  Readers seem to love those motorcycle stories. Where can our readers find you and your books?
Tory:  At the links below for Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo
Tonya:  Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
Tory:  Yes, I'd like to thank anyone who's ever purchased one of my books, I really appreciate it. Please also leave your review at the place of purchase.
Tonya:  Reviews online help our books so much when readers are able to leave those for us, so readers, thank you all for the reviews you do for us. What is your favorite night time snack?
Tory:  Haagen-Dazs ice cream - Rocky Road
Tonya:  Do you like toppings on your ice cream?
Tory:  No
Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?
Tory:  Italian - angel hair pasta and any kind of spaghetti sauce
Tonya:  OMG….I’m a pasta fanatic!! Can’t ever get my fill, darn it! Again, Tory, thank you for being here! Readers, she is offering each of you a free e-book over at Smashwords. Just follow the directions here. There is also a contest for you to enter, don't pass that up either! Please click over to Tory's website and check out all she has there and follow her where you can. We hope you enjoyed reading here today and thank YOU for stopping in. Please use the share buttons below so your friends can stop by.

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    I heard the distant sound of what I thought was thunder until it grew closer and I realized that it was actually the rumble of motorcycles coming our way. I expected them to ride on past us, but when they slowed and pulled up behind Pops’ truck I straightened nervously. They weren’t just weekend bikers, I could tell that immediately by the way they were dressed and the air of danger that they exuded. The six men belonged to an honest to goodness motorcycle club, and their worn, leather cuts were decked out in colorful patches and name tags.
     They looked serious, and mean as hell. As I watched them climb off their large bikes and slowly approach us, I added big and handsome to their description. I glanced at Pops, looking for a sign that he knew these bikers. If he didn’t, I was going back to my car to retrieve my baseball bat out of the back seat. He just smiled and gave me a wink.

     What was I worried about, anyway? We were on a busy public highway. I took a deep breath, smiled, and said in my usual, cheery tone, “Hi, boys.”
     I couldn’t tell where their eyes were focused, since they were all wearing dark sunglasses. The man who appeared to be the leader, the hunk wearing the president’s patch, came to a stop a couple of feet away from us. I began to feel self-conscious of my clinging, wet clothes, especially when I felt my nipples turn hard against my thin tee. I crossed my arms, but the quirk of the man’s lips told me that it hadn’t been fast enough.
     “You pickin’ up strays now, Pops?"
     Oh my god! The deep, gravelly tone of his voice was sexy as hell, and it did something quirky to my core. The man wasn’t too bad on the eyes, either. He was taller than most, his sun-tanned skin pulled taut over his super hot muscles. He oozed dominance, and the clunky silver rings on his fingers screamed that they were his backup.
     “’Bout damn time you got here,” Pops grumbled, pushing away from his truck. “And be nice to cutie, here, she stopped to help, and fed me, too.”
     Now I knew that his eyes were full on me, and I could tell by the tilt of his head that he was looking me up and down, as if he had the right to. I didn’t like his intimidation tactics, even if his presence was having an unexpected effect on my lady bits, something I’m sure he was accustomed to when it came to the opposite sex. The devil in me prompted me to lower my arms and slap my hands on my curvy hips in a move that I knew was challenging. A big mistake, I knew, when his sexy mouth turned up at both corners.
     “Looks like a drowned rat to me.” The bikers behind him laughed.
     “Flattery will get you nowhere,” I responded sarcastically, meeting what I thought were his eyes. I turned my attention back to Pops, putting my hand on his thin shoulder. “Now that your boy is here, I’ll be on my way. It was nice meeting you.” I glanced back at the group of bikers. “Goodbye, boys.” I gave them a wave, eager to be on my way.
     “Baby--” The sound of his growly voice made me stop in my tracks to look back at him. “You call me a boy again, and I’ll be only too happy to show you that I’m a man.”

     Tory Richards is a fun-loving grandma who writes smut. Born in 1955 in the small town of Milo, Maine, she's lived most of her life in Florida. Today she lives with her daughter and her family. She has her own woman-cave which she shares with four felines.
     Penning stories by hand and then on a manual typewriter at the age of thirteen, Tory was a closet writer until the encouragement of her family prompted her into submitting to a publisher. She's been published since 2005 and has since retired from Disney to focus on family and writing.