Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Book 3 has been started!


Book 3 has been started!!

    Today, I typed THE END on book two. It shouldn't be long before it gets released into your hands. It'll be hot, so I hope you're ready for it! Here are the opening lines for book three and your hands should be on your device and not somewhere else! Enjoy!


Sandi emptied her suitcase and now put away the toys she’d taken to New York with her. She glanced at Kiera as she finished unpacking. Sandi teased her, waving the purple dildo in the air before dropping it in the drawer. “If we had our own hidden playroom, we wouldn’t have to keep our toys in the drawers.”

“Don’t we wish we had the space for that? One day when we’re rich like Lady Ciara, we can hide one in our house...because one day, we will have a house!”

As Sandi leaned against the dresser and watched Kiera, she thought back on how good Kiera looked strapped to that leaning bench, with her ankles spread and secured, her outstretched arms held with D-rings while her breasts hung free. Yes, she wished they had one of their own. Nipple clamp training would take Kiera’s mind off the additional anal training Sandi had in mind for her. She’d have to think up a way to make that happen. Perhaps they could screw hooks at the lower back and front of the sofa. Those would be easy to disguise and no explanations would be necessary.

“Stop those thoughts right there. I’m not sure I like the devilish look on your face.” Kiera put her suitcase in the closet and her dirty clothes in the hamper.

Sandi pushed away from the dresser and headed to the kitchen to scrounge up dinner. “You’d love what I was thinking, trust me. First, let’s decide on dinner. We don’t have much with being in New York for over a week. Tomorrow is grocery day. We have cans of clam chowder for tonight.”

“Sounds good. I’ll mix us a drink. We have tonic water and gin. Those are always good.” She filled to glasses with ice and grabbed a single cube. Kiera held it in front of Sandi. “Just suck this for me once or twice and then lick it. I miss your tongue and for now, this will help until I can take you later.”

“Oh, baby!” Sandi placed her lips on the ice cube, immediately melting it and water dripped from her lower lip. Slowly moving her tongue along the ice cube, she lapped up the droplets.

“God, you’re good at that.” Kiera popped the remaining ice cube into her mouth. “I need to suck one of these before I lick you next time.”

“You tease too much.”

“Wait till later, baby. Now, tell me what you were thinking in the bedroom.”

Sandi stirred their soup and put out two bowls. “I want to go to the hardware store while we’re out tomorrow. I think if we install hooks on the front and back legs of the sofa, I could stretch you over the back of the sofa and have you secured so you couldn’t move. Just think of that the rest of the night, you little slut.”

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