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An Excerpt from New Horizons!!

I'm so glad you stopped by today to check out what's been happening with this book that's been hanging unpublished for a year or more. Something clicked in my muse and I'm finally going to finish it and start book three! I think I had Covid Fog since February last year! No inclination to write at all. My fault and I apologize for keeping you hanging on this one.

Below is a sneak peek at a little fun my characters, Sandi and Kiera, are having in this adventure in New York. If you've not read book one, Dreams Do Come True, you might want to grab your copy at your favorite online store, or here's the link if you use Amazon. Both women, with the help of their awesome photographer, have landed new modeling jobs and Kiera is able to quit work at the attorney's office. Daniel had warned them to be prepared for anything as Sandi's new prospective employer likes to include a little extra in the advances she pays out, but that doesn't come without strings attached.

I don't want to give away too much, but I'll let you in on the relationship between Sandi and Kiera, who have been more than best friends. They are moving into getting closer as they put their hearts out there. I'm having fun with this and hope you will, too. If you enjoy this, help me get the word out to those who love reading lesbian erotica.


“You got me there, Daniel. I’m not complaining. You gave us a fair warning to be aware of our surroundings. I just didn’t expect another woman to come on to me so strong. She’s damn good at what she does.”

Daniel stood. “Just enjoy the bank account. You’re welcome. I’m ready to cool off. You ladies take your time. We’re in no hurry. Oh, I did think we might want to drop by Barney’s later today and check out the newest designs by Katie Ermilio.” With that drop of info, he sauntered off to the water.

Kiera sat up straight and watch his beautiful body walk into the pool. “Oh my god. He makes a comment like that and walks away? I would kill to get into Barney’s. I won’t be able to sit still now that I know he’s taking us there. Sandi, I would melt in my shoes to see that woman again.”

“So, will I lose my lover to Katie?”

“You know better than that, brat. She’s not into other women anyway. But damn, could you envision her strapped down for us? Shit!”

“You aren’t wanting more already, are you, pet? I’m sure we could take Daniel back to our room.” Sandi laughed out loud and Kiera giggled.

As much as she loved Sandi, seeing her give Daniel head yesterday still tightened her insides. She didn’t miss men during sex, but Daniel kept himself in shape, she had to admit. She glanced toward the pool to see him talking with a well-built blonde who laughed at everything he said. Her bikini top barely covered her nipples beneath the swell of tanned cleavage. Watching other women did make her wet and constantly wonder if they were also into being tied down.

Damn, her sex life had taken a turn for the better. Sandi had initiated her well and prepared her, sort of, for Lady Ciara...a demanding Dominatrix who was certainly used to getting what she wanted.

Did Daniel let her tie him up? Now her imagination ran a course of its own. Kiera arched her back as she watched the blonde dunk her breasts and stand back up in front of Daniel. His sunglasses blocked where his eyes looked, but she could only imagine. Her mind envisioned Daniel blindfolded, tied, and being flogged. His cock would surely stand at attention, begging to be sucked.

As Kiera licked at the salty rim of her glass, Daniel looked her way.

“He’s a pretty good mind-reader. I’d be careful if I were you.” Sandi laughed.

Kiera felt her cheeks flood with embarrassment. “Was I that obvious?”

“Your bottoms must be soaked. It’s okay. I’ve done the same thing. He just can’t keep to one woman, so we can only dream.”

“I wouldn’t call what you got to do yesterday a damn dream!” Kiera readjusted her chair so she could sun her back and then flipped over. She lowered her glasses to look at Sandi. “I’m glad you enjoyed him though. No hard feelings.”

“Oh, it was hard all right.”

Kiera drank the rest of her drink and settled on the chaise enjoying the sun. Her thoughts tried not to veer off into sex again, but yesterday was damned enjoyable. Receiving pleasure in so many places was more than she would have thought a year ago. Bondage took away the urge to back away. She liked being forced to enjoy the pleasure she otherwise would never have experienced.

To have someone else in charge and keep you at the edge of orgasm, to do with you what they want, within reason, and stay safe, had opened many avenues of enjoyment. She would always want that now. When she could top Sandi and tie her down, Kiera loved the feeling of being in charge of how many times Sandi would orgasm. The activities that created pleasure and pain, only to extend each, to make the end result so damn good, made Kiera’s inner muscles want more right now.

Half an hour later, warm lips on her ass and a quick suck made Kiera squeal. “Babe, not out here.” Without receiving an answer from Sandi, Kiera raised up on her elbow to look back...directly a breath away from Daniel’s tempting lips.

“My friend wanted to know how I was enjoying my time with my I thought I’d show her.”

“Oh, you! Damnit, Daniel.”

“You wanted that! I read your mind earlier, you little hussy. Good thing that mark won’t show for your shoot in two days.” He slapped Kiera’s ass cheek and strode back to his chaise lounge just as the waiter brought another round of drinks, along with two bowls of peanuts.

Kiera sat up to accept her new drink. “It looked like she had you entranced? Did you get her number?”

He laughed. “I can’t tell you that.”

Sandi kept silent as Kiera shared barbs with their photographer. The afternoon warmed up and soon the three of them went inside for lunch, then up to shower before they hit the town to do some shopping.

In their room, Kiera stripped for the shower and headed to the bathroom. When she bent to pick up her towel, Sandi gripped a handful of her hair and bent her over the sink. A quick slap on her ass only made her wet.

“Spread your feet. You know you want this!”

She did as she was told and when three fingers pressed up inside of her, they swirled over her g-spot with force and speed. Before Kiera could think, fluid dribbled down her thigh and a thumb slipped into her ass. Stars exploded behind her eyelids as her inner muscles clamped around pumping fingers and her knees nearly gave out. Orgasm chased orgasm and she squirted all over Sandi’s fingers, but the rhythm didn’t stop.

Kiera clawed at the counter, her breathing ragged from pleasure, and too quickly, the movements slowed. Kisses covered her shoulder as Sandi's breasts pressed against Kiera's back. Her nipples were twirled but the pain only made the pleasure better while Sandi pressed her hips against Kiera’s ass.

“I thought you might need that after your daydreams at the pool, babe.”

Her pussy throbbed from what only Kiera could give her and her forehead rested on the granite. “I’m sorry I had visions of Daniel.”

Sandi straightened her up and cupped her face. “Don’t ever be sorry for admiring a beautiful body. Was that good?”

Sandi reached down and fingers slipped between her lips to massage her clit. A moan slipped from Kiera’s lips and soon Sandi kissed her, sucking her tongue hard. 

Kiera reached for Sandi’s breasts and tweaked her nipples.

When she pulled from the kiss, she met Sandi’s gaze, loving what she saw there. “You always do me good, babe. Let’s hit the shower before Daniel calls.

* * * * *

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